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3 Types Of Videos Your Company Needs

3 Types Of Videos Companies Should Have

It’s tough to develop and implement a marketing campaign from scratch, isn’t it?

It is even more difficult to get it to work and get the best ROIs. We may not be a marketing agency which can give you tips on a successful marketing campaign, but we can let you in on the videos which helps to make your campaign more effective!

Without further ado, here are the 3 types of videos your company can make, at any point of the sales funnel.

Product Video

As you enter a company’s website and you see a video explaining their product and service, would you rather watch that video or read a ton of pages and texts explaining how they do this and that and what’s the benefits?

I’m sure we will all choose to watch the video! It saves time and helps us to remember much better. It also helps customers get a better idea of what you do.

How to do it? Focus on the problem your business solves rather than your product’s feature, while of course you can still showcase the USPs of your product, but try not to go too deep into showcasing everything about your product, because you don’t want to end up revealing too much!

So, keep it simple! Check out one of our product videos here for a look-see:

Testimonial Video

Testimonials are proof that your products actually work and your customers are happy with your service. Testimonials are the best marketing strategy. People believe word of mouth (statistics) However, it’s difficult to get your customers to do it.

Indeed, word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions. Its influence is greatest when consumers are buying a product for the first time or when products are relatively expensive, factors that tend to make people conduct more research, seek more opinions, and deliberate longer than they otherwise would. One of our clients, McKinsey & Company puts it well


Word of Mouth marketing impression results 5x more sales than a paid media impression and people are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend. Start with customers who you are closest to. Make sure they are happy and willing. Prep them ahead of time. Focus on the how companies (your customers) are solving problems with products like yours.

For Example, here’s a testimonial project we did for one of our clients:

How to’s / Explainer Video

Educating your viewers on your products, or knowledge you can pass on. It differentiates your company as you would look knowledgeable, you know what you are doing and you can actually help them benefit. We should always think about customers, and think of how we can help them, instead of hardselling. It makes them trust your brand and what you sell. Think of it as thought leadership.

And if you’re worried that it comes off as self-indulgent, just remember; it’s all about marketing your products and experience not selling your services just yet. In addition to the aforementioned, video tips help to build your credibility and establish you as an expert in your niche. If you’re a finance accounting service provider, you can do blog posts and videos on finance management and accounting tips! If you’re a marketing agency, write up on SEO, marketing tips and understanding customer needs and your own product and services.

Since we’re a video/marketing agency, here’s one example one of our partners did up with us:

You want to make a good video receiving great results, first you got to determine what type of video to do. So here you go, the 3 type of videos you can use which will benefit you at any stage. We wish you all the best.



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