Detoxing Time with 365 Cancer Prevention Society!

July 23, 2018



As a video partner of 365 Cancer Prevention Society, we are in charge of covering their Top 10 Cancer Fighters Campaign. This campaign organises weekly activities for cancer patients to inspire hope for them to keep fighting against cancer and rebuild their lives. The activities include nutritional classes, emotional management classes and even dance classes!

This week, we got to cover a Detox Exercise. The patients get to learn more about cleansing the toxins in the bodies to working it out!

The full-day programme took place at the centre itself. At the end of the event, we interviewed the patients to ask them how it went. Although we only filmed this activity, we managed to make it so that it’s what and what. capturing the scenes of what and what

Mediashock would like to thank various SIT staff and faculty who generously gave us their time to participate in this production. We would like to wish SIT the best as they grow even bigger, better and bolder – while looking forward to their brand new integrated Punggol Campus in the coming years!


Brainstorming ideas

Corporate video:


For nonprofit – approach abit diff from corporate videos, understand on what they want to achieve, (awareness and reach), they don’t have a marketing team, suggest ways to make use of the video, understand them better so they trust us. Understanding their model. Giving suggestions and advice.


Because of limited budget, the videos have to really have ROI.


Cancer fighters programme push to social media very slow (say they no time), call them and push them for changes, they don’t understand why need change, give them suggestions,


They are new to videos -> so we advise them.


Check out the video here: (video to be updated!!)

365 Cancer Prevention Society aims to serve the community to prevent and fight cancer through health and nutrition education and promoting a healthy and holistic lifestyle. It is our pleasure to be working with them. For more information, do visit