“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

A maiden experience for us, a creation of a short film. Whilst we may be over the moon on the positive response it received, when we look back now, we can say with the safest confidence that what went into our short film was none like any other.

From Pre-Production, we were scrambling against the notion of time. After settling on a concept, writing, revising, and re-writing the script was key, and we were not about to leave any stone unturned. A lot of nights were spent between the writers – whether it was over the phone, at coffee tables, or in the early mornings of the office commute – discussing on what were the key dialogues, the character motivations, whether or not trimming a certain scene would jeopardise the overall storyline.

And once the story had been locked down, it was a matter of finding the right people, at the right time for the right role. The Mediashock Team gathered one night for a meeting, discussing the amount of days needed, the equipment necessary, and who was fit for the different roles – ranging from Grip & Electric, Camera Assistants, and even Talents. After a couple of re-rounds, shifting of the goalposts, and a closure on the budgeting, we were finally set.


As first light broke the next day, it was D-Day – and we only had one day to spare for our short film. Across 46 scenes, a 30-man crew, 13 hours, 4 different locations, we were determined, more than ever to finish what we started. Everyone operated like clockwork – from the Camera Department to the Art Department to the Directing Department, time was definitely not a wasting, as every second underutilised was a step closer to losing light. From frame to shot to scene, we were finally able to wrap everything in an apt time.


After a mini hiatus over the weekend, we were back at it – this time entering the post production stage. Amidst a sea of clientele projects, the Post team stayed up late into the wee hours of the night, shotlisting, sequencing, audio levelling – what have you. But we had to take it a step further – this was not another corporate project or something in that vein. We had to infuse our short film with a more cinematic feel. Hence, we collaborated with GRYD – for our audio post production, as well as a colourist to grade our short film, since it composed of two different timelines.


And on the 13th of December, Gratitude: The Christmas Short Film was finally ready to be published for the world to see. Now, take a dive into our entire mind palace during this self-initiated project. Catch our “The Making Of Gratitude” in the video link at the start of the article! Before we leave you to it, we’d like to say:


“Look what gratitude has done to us in this ‘one-step of our million-mile journey’ in the year 2018. Imagine what it could do for you for years to come.”