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IoT is revolutionizing the way we make decisions, from an operational level, to a management one. And whether we like it or not, it is definitely here to stay. Through this video project, Team Mediashock gained new insights into the digerati era, and it has better equipped them for the year ahead.

Technically, this project started late last year, but we managed to wrap it up in the first week of the year. Our regular client, Skylab approached us to produce a series of animated videos revolving around the central theme of IoT (Internet of Things).  Whilst we were familiar with the workflow – given the repeated times we have worked with Skylab – we had our eye on the ball; in terms of keeping the entire series consistent in nature. The centripetal scope of the project at hand was to explain and promote their dual suite of services; Data Logistics Cloud (DLC) and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC).


Once our Producer, Ruyi confirmed the ins-and-outs of the project with the client, our Content Writer, Elias, got to working on the script. Given the nature of the topic, there indeed was an abundance of technical jargon involved, which required Elias to comprehend (to a certain extent) as well as simplify, for the sake of the targeted audience.

Thankfully, our Managing Director, Ming Song, proved to be quite knowledgeable on the topics of network latencies, scalability, and all things IoT and the like. Hence, whilst Elias focused on beautifying the copywriting and scriptwriting portions of the content, his research and ammunition was provided by Mingsong. Together, the two managed to come out with a script that hit close to our client’s expectations, and the final version was locked down within 3 working days.


Given the technicalities of the topic, Ruyi ignited her illustration skills to help the client understand the intent behind the scriptwriting in better light. Working closely with Elias, the duo explored various styles that suited representations of the technologies. For example, in order to showcase how Skylab’s Data Pipeline worked in accordance to the whole IoT Architecture, Ruyi suggested for visuals to be portrayed in a ‘channel-like’ manner. Within a day, the rough storyboard was locked down, and our client was satisfied enough to allow us to proceed to the final phase.

Alas, the final stage; Editing. Our Post-Production Manager, Ella, got to illustrating the visuals from scratch swiftly. Utilising her vast arsenal of graphic design, she started off with creating vector files, followed by animations and transitions, and finally piecing the graphics together. Unsurprisingly, Ella was able to accomplish it in under 4 days (just in case you were wondering, anything under a week in Post-Production to us is considered quick). After a few tweaks here and there, we managed to complete the entire project in our stipulated timeframe, with minor to no issues at all.


All-in-all, a great start to the year. Check out the final video below!



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