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“If I’m on time with everything in my life, success will be on time as well.”

By now, it’s no surprise that Asia is widely considered as a leader in digital penetration, and the efforts show in the amount of hubs in Asia that are working aggressively on disruptive technologies. Team Mediashock handled a project regarding just that.

The crew setting up and framing the shoot!

Our objective was to capture insights, opinions and have a casual chat with young entrepreneurs in the tech startup scene in Thailand. But before we even got started on shooting and content, we had to ensure the project went smoothly.

Taking a producing role, we first had to pool resources with our counterparts in Thailand to manage the set, making sure management of logistics, time and manpower were on the same page. Next, we had to literally set the stage for the shoot. Team Mediashock arranged for a site recce and subsequently implemented plans to strategise optimal efficiency before the actual shoot day.

“Strangest Pitch Meeting?” was probably one of our favourite parts of the video

The technopreneurs involved in the video had interesting things to share, which we – even as a media organisation – felt we could relate too. The Mediashock Team was quite grateful for the opportunity too, as we got to learn more on the tech startup scene, the challenges they faced both professionally and personally, and how some of their methodologies could be applied to our line of work.

Check out what these young technopreneurs have to say on Tech In Asia’s “15 entrepreneurs tell us” video here:

What’s a founder’s greatest fear? Or strangest pitch meeting? Fifteen entrepreneurs from Startup Thailand 2018 tell us all!Find out more about Thailand’s startup ecosystem here: https://bit.ly/2IbEJxl


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