January 22



One of our very first projects for 2019 was a thought leadership video for one of our regular clients – Tech in Asia! The video project this time was to showcase a startup haven called SPACES, and our primary task was to showcase the innovative co-working space and how it impacted tech startups in their new-found ventures.

Fortunately, there wasn’t the need for us to kickstart the project with creative conceptualization as our client already had the direction set upon. So, once the project was brought home by our Senior Producer Herman, our Videographer Zhi Yi alongside Elias the Content Writer (who insisted to help out on set) started preparing the equipment needed.

On the day of shoot, Herman, Elias and Zhi Yi managed it swiftly and efficiently. We had the co-founders of SPACES sit down and answer questions written on cue cards that were placed on the table; albeit in a coffee-table talk show manner. Herman and Zhi Yi manned framed up, positioned and manned the cameras, whilst Elias helped with the setting up and tearing down of sets between locations.

Throughout the process, the team faced no problems, and the project was done with zero to minimal error. One thing we took away from this shoot was the significance of such a video. On the outside, it may seem like a fairly easy project – or “another one of those videos”.

Yet, we beg to differ. Given our client’s position as a content creator, as well as a pioneer in the digital penetration movement of tech startups, a video showcasing something fresh and insightful would work well for them. Operationally, it may also seem like a walk in the park, but we fault to ask: “Would good content alone be desirable with less-than-decent visuals?” We say especially not in this day and age.

Well, all-in-all, we were grateful for Tech in Asia for keeping us busy as the new year kicks in. Watch the final video above, for some insight into the digital/tech industry and what these young entrepreneurs have to say about it!



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