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Live streaming has many moving parts. There's video strategy, technical planning and pre-produced video segments. Then there's on-location setup and the actual recording, which involves switching and encoding.

We’ll do the heavy lifting, from the complicated tech stuff all the way to creating interactive engagement for an impressionable user experience.

Working with us = Organising successful events with EASE

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Video Solutions For Your Events

Broadcast Quality Live-Streaming

Invite Your Audience Into the Heart of the Action

Hybrid Events

Skyrocket Your Engagement with Next-Level Entertainment

the best of both worlds

Wow your audience and elevate their experience like never before.

Virtual audiences will feel like they are there in person.

Presenters will feel connected to their audience anywhere. 

live stream planning

custom event platform options

event webpages

event av coordination

multiple concurrent sessions

Switching, IMAG, and presentation management

Post-event video editing

Broadcast Quality Live-Streaming

Ensure Your Virtual Event Runs Exactly as You Planned with the Help of a Virtual Broadcast Team

Broadcast Quality Live-Streaming

Ensure Your Virtual Event Runs Exactly as You Planned with the Help of a Virtual Broadcast Team

for seamless and perfect experiences

From soundchecks to live switching to stream quality, we take care of the details so you can rest easy, knowing your programme will flow seamlessly. 

We’ll even run rehearsals so your speakers can focus on delivering their amazing content without ever worrying about tech.

virtual event planning

custom event platform options

Pre-produced video segments and graphics

On-location or studio setup

Robust stream encoding for near-zero downtime

Presenter coordination, sound checks, switching and slide management

Post-event video editing

Repurposing footage into highlights & trailers

Streaming capabilities to China and other VPN-areas


We make it simple for you.


discovery call

Talk to our team. Let us know what you need, when you need it and how you want it. We’ll walk you through everything and identify challenges like country/platform restrictions and show how stunning your event can be.


Understand the schematics

Present to you the inputs you need, project schedule, demonstrate how it will work for your event.


Get a Free Quote

Allow us to assess your project and give you a ballpark quote of what it’ll take to turn your plan into a reality.


We Get to Work

We’ll start strategising and coordinating to get your event going to your specifications.


event managers

…need us because you can leave the show in our hands and focus on other aspects of the event that require your attention.

Marketing Coordinators

…need us because you can rely on our highly skilled team to get your complex live-streaming jobs coordinated and executed without any hassle.

agency account directors

…need us because we are your back-up team that will come in and help you deliver. Short timeline, huge project? We’ll take care of it.

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Successful Digital Events Start With A Team You Can Trust

Our video producers and live stream architects are experts at events, creating a smooth, seamless experience for the people who make your event unique.

Let’s get to work, partner.

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