Live Streaming Singapore

Bringing Your Message Out to the World

Bridging the gap between your brand and audience has never been easier. You could reach thousands of people from across the globe with less effort and time.

But despite of its conventions, the process can still get complicated. Being in charge of your business doesn’t allow you the time to tinker with every detail. Nor should you.

This is why we’re here. We take care of things that shouldn’t be bothering you. Are you seeking to start your live streaming campaign? We’ve got everything covered.


At Mediashock, We Provide Services of Highest Quality

We understand that the quality of our services depends greatly on our skills and the tools and equipment we use. That’s why at Mediashock, we employ the latest technology to meet the clients’ expectations.

Advanced tools and equipment

Livestreaming may be very popular right now but without the rights tools and equipment, it’s hard to achieve the results you’ve been aiming for. Knowing that most of the activities we cover happen only seldomly, we make sure that everything is according to plan. It’s a mortal sin for us to encounter any malfunction that will result to not being able to cover your event. That’s why we have contingency plans for anything that can go wrong.

Visual and audio quality

One way to exert your credibility to your audience is to show that you don’t tolerate low-quality performance. This is evident in the quality of your live stream’s visuals and audio.

On top of taking care of the technicalities of the job, our professionals will assist you in creating the ideal setup for our event. What’s the best angle, how to utilise the space, how to make sure that there will be no dull moment; these are the things we’re going to tackle for you.

Across multiple platforms

May it be to increase brand awareness or reach out to your loyal customers, live stream videos all have something in common: they put your brand out there. This is why we have to maximise this as much as possible. Making sure that your content gets livestreamed in various outlets is our job too. With that, we’re securing a wider coverage for you.


Of course, none of this will matter if we don’t have the ability to connect to your audience’s devices. That’s why connectivity is also a major concern for us. Over the years of partnering with different clients, we’ve learned a great deal when it comes to securing high internet speeds. We stay on top of the latest products that will allow us to do our jobs more efficiently. The last thing we want is for all of your efforts to go to waste all because of intermittent or unreliable internet connection.

Mediashock Live Video Streaming Services

Allow us to tell you more about the services we can provide for you. The size of the event barely matters to us. Whether it’s a small event or a large conference, we have different packages that you can choose from. To give you a broader idea of what we do, these are the activities we’ve covered in the past:

  • Interviews, solo and in groups
  • Workshops, Trainings and Lectures
  • Conventions and Conferences
  • Company and Product Launches
  • Graduation Ceremonies, and other school events
  • Company parties, galas, and get-together

This isn’t a complete list. If you want to check out how well we performed as well, we can provide you with samples. References are also provided when necessary. We personally believe this is a great way for you have a stronger sense of how we operate.

And of course, for you to know us better, it’s best that we set up an appointment. It’s free and we impose no commitment. We can assure you that our consultancy services will prove to be useful even if you decide not to work with us. Here’s to making your impact in the world!

Livestreaming Conferences and Exhibitions

Making conferences global has never been easy, whether it is for public access or through a registered platform for a private viewing.

Livestreaming Live Shows

Bringing your lives shows to a much larger audience all over the world is another professional production service you can avail. This way, you’ll not only be introducing your brand or product locally but internationally as well.

Livestreaming Corporate Townhalls

A secure, integrated, and customisable platform brought about by a skilled team of experts is what you need to conduct town hall meetings that allow each crucial member to take part regardless of where they are in the world.

Livestreaming Medical Operations and Events

To assist important medical breakthroughs, medical operations and other related events can now be live-streamed in an uncompromised manner. This is done by making way for up to 16 concurrent video feeds to be sent and received seamlessly.

Marketing Event Conferences

What better way to promote or launch your product than through a live stream that reaches millions upon millions?  This is not uncommon. Many major companies utilise this technology so they don’t have to fly in people from different parts of the world.

Conference Meetings

As the backbone of your company operations, communication tools must stay steadfast and reliable. Meetings done with members in different countries can be securely conducted through the live streaming technologies we have on hand.