January 23



This TVC lasts exactly 35 seconds. In this allotted time period, there are three goals it must achieve: Catch the audiences’ attentions, keep them entertained at every second of the video, and accurately deliver the message. However, what is not shown in this video is the five-dimensional aspects of production.

After hours of brainstorming pitches for this project, we finalized the storyboard to align our creative direction with the message our client wished to deliver. Manulife wished to promote their insurance by reminding people that it’s never too early to prepare for retirement plans. The series contains a set of two videos– similar concepts, but different approaches.

With a white canopy for your props to play on and high-quality equipment for our experienced production staff to work with, a fully day of filming is never a bore when minutes tick by seconds. From putting the bed together to ironing the curtains, our day started off by preparing a faux-model house to set the scene for our shoot.

After our producer passes the baton to the editing team, the clips are sewn together with voice-overs, motion graphics, 3D models, and more. From choosing the right tracks to lay down and making sure every detail of the shots are perfect, the video will not leave the hands of our post-production staff before the outcome satisfies its plans.

Here’s a glimpse of the making of Manulife’s “Retirement Solutions” Campaign:


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