January 23


Mediashock Took Part in The Longest Sidecars Expedition!

In April 2018, the Co-Founder of Mediashock, Ang Ming Song, participated in a 500-mile charity ride from Singapore to Penang; in a scooter sidecar! The team of 10 eventually clocked in 839 kilometres in 72 hours, earning them a spot in The Singapore Book of Records. How amazing is that?

We extend a big thanks to Simon Wang, the driver behind this brilliant campaign, and also for giving us the opportunity to take part in this meaningful and memorable journey to raise awareness and funds for cancer patients.

“At the end of the day, it’s not how much funds we raised in the process, it’s about how all supporters of this ride share common stories, in the fight against the harmful disease which is cancer.” said Ming Song, on the article he published on Linkedin. Click here to find out more about his experience!

Frankly, Ming Song has not been able to take on filming as much as he used to, due to his now focused role in business development. Despite that, his inner passion for filming has already become a second nature to him. Ming Song brought along his camera, gimbal, GoPro, and even a drone – single-handedly documenting the entirety of the journey. PROPS TO HIM!

Do take a moment and check out the video below:



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