January 23



He spices up projects with his creative touch and charms all people with his gentle persona. Cinnamon powder tastes good on almost anything. From financing to producing storyboards ideas, to dealing with both sweet and sour situations, he makes sure all the dishes come out exactly how it was imagined to be– tasteful and unique.

With over 15 years of industry experience, he exudes a strong marketing approach in producing videos for clients. His belief is that every business needs to identify and capture its core market to stay viable in the competitive world. He is synonymous with delivering quality work, by understanding clients’ business objectives and crafting them to meet and exceed these goals. He handles many of the corporate, safety and training videos at Mediashock Productions. His onion-like profile brings out qualities and talents that comes as a pleasant surprise every time he sheds one of his peels. He is adept in many different fields and his passion lies in 3D animation among others.

We appreciate you Albert Goh!



Albert Goh, business development, Meet our staff, sales

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