January 23



The hazelnut syrup adds flavor to the flavorless and her sweet and savory charms goes a long way when it’s only 8 a.m. in the morning. Her never-fading uplifting and positive attitude adds the kick in our coffee at any hour of the day (even Monday mornings!).However, when she turns on her “work” switch, her sunny energy charges her working cells as a camera operates on its battery.

Both responsible and kind, she plays a vital role in our company as she handles both simple and advanced projects from head to toe. She calls them her “babies”, she’ll let them fly once she’s sure she’s done all that she could for them.

Armed with a Degree in Interactive Media Design, she has been with us for close to 4 years. Besides the ability to think quickly on her feet to respond to unplanned scenarios that occurs during events, she proves to be a detailed planner and is key to producing many of the major event videos.

We appreciate you Cherlyn Ng!


Cherlyn, Meet our staff, producer

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