My boss does not know what he wants. Help! Decoding the ENIGMA mind of Your Boss

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My boss does not know what he wants. Help! Decoding the ENIGMA mind of Your Boss

Imagine this: You are on a mission to complete your marketing video for a new product launch. As you progress, you put a hard brake on it because in front of you is – your boss. A brilliant enigma. Giving you feedback like ‘I want something fresh’ or ‘I want something eye-catching’ and his words will puzzle you and drown you in the sea of uncertainty.

Don’t panic just yet!  At Mediashock, we’ve encountered plenty of these situations where decisions can’t be decided and we are trapped in a guessing game. With this experience, we’re here to help you with some simple strategies to decode your boss’s mixed messages and thrive even when the vision seems blurry.

Engage in clarification:

When in doubt, there’s no shame in seeking clarification. Instead of second-guessing yourself, initiate open conversations with your boss after you present the marketing video to them  to get a better understanding of what they’re looking for. Be specific when asking questions, and from there you can decode the puzzle that your enigmatic boss gave you.  It’s all about working together to achieve a shared vision.

Needs, Anticipate Them:

Your boss might not always tell you exactly what they need, but don’t worry! It may not be obvious but often, you already have the means to decode their needs ! Look back on past experiences and feedback to identify any patterns or themes. By staying proactive and addressing potential concerns before they arise, you’ll show that you’re on the ball.

Include Solutions, Not Offer Problems:

No one wants a problem. Instead of freaking out when solving your enigmatic boss’ puzzle and inadvertently creating another problem, take a deep breath. Demonstrate your initiative by offering potential solutions to your boss. You showcase your critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills by presenting well-defined solutions. The act of offering solutions reflects your proactive approach in predicting and effectively dealing with problems. By presenting a variety of potential options to your boss, you are tapping into their extensive experience and wisdom to guide decision-making going forward.

Great in Adaptability:

Your boss keeps changing their mind, but don’t fret too much! Be like water. Water doesn’t fight the current, it embraces the flow. Just like river carves into the landscapes, project progression often takes unexpected turns between the mountains, so be ready to adjust your approach. As you flow down the stream, you can take the chance to learn and grow. Be open to feedback. Listen and understand their feedback because you might have missed why changes needed to be made in the first place.

Identify the changes and adjust accordingly, and always stay calm and collected. Don’t get stressed by the confusion. Be flexible and handle it smoothly. By staying adaptable and learning from the experience, you can navigate any boss, no matter how indecisive they may seem.

Maintain Professionalism:

No matter how mysterious your boss is, always maintain professionalism. Stay calm and don’t let your emotions control you. Don’t gossip or engage in negative behavior because it’ll reflect badly on you, not your boss. If your boss frequently derails from the main topic, it can be helpful to find ways to bring the conversation back on track.

This could include gently reminding them of the topic or suggesting an agenda for the discussion. By offering constructive suggestions and solutions, you can help create a more focused and efficient work environment. Remember, it’s important to approach these situations respectfully and with the intention of maintaining a positive working relationship with your boss.

Always Document:

Whenever you are dealing with your enigmatic boss, ALWAYS document everything. By documenting your interactions, whether it’s through emails, chat conversations, or meeting notes, you create a reference point that can help you navigate and understand your boss’s communication style and preferences.

Moreover, reviewing these records can help you identify patterns in your boss’s expectations or behaviors, allowing you to anticipate their needs and align your work accordingly. It’s not about using these documents to disprove or challenge your boss, but rather using them as a tool for self-improvement and better understanding the dynamics of your working relationship.

Final Thoughts:

In summary, working with an enigmatic boss might have its challenges, but with the right approach, it can be navigated to a better outcome. By seeking clarification, focusing on solutions, embracing adaptability, keeping it professional and documenting your projects, you’ll be well-equipped to handle whatever curveballs come your way.

With it, you’ll crack your boss’ code in no time! At Mediashock, we understand that everyone’s journey to professional success is different and we’re here to offer our support and guidance whenever you need it.

Did any of these tips work for you? Do shout out to us as well so we know we have made an impact.

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