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10k Readers, 10k Viewers, or 10k Followers?”

By now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that content is exploding all over online space; social media, websites, EDMs, marketing newsletters (like this one ha ha). What should come as even more obvious is that out of this content pool, video content is at its peak. When’s the last time you heard someone say “I have 1 million readers” instead of “I’ve got 1 million views on my video”, or do you hear someone saying “I shared a video to my social media page, check it out” more often than “Read the article I shared on my page”? Therein lies the fact that video content is – in today’s time and age – the most consumed form of media by the masses. So, where that Thought Leadership and Video Content infuse as one?

video content

Most executives in MNCs of Public Sector Organisations still author white papers, blog posts, and even Workplan Seminars through text and decks. However, is it not true that they can deliver the same (if not better) message through video? Ergo, where business executives and entrepreneurs can capitalise on video content – Thought Leadership Videos. They are easy to digest, can be supported by simple graphics, and it puts a face to the content you’re sharing; which is always a good thing especially when you’re looking for a series of videos. Furthermore, they are indeed becoming a popular platform for demonstrating quick tips, perspectives or commentary.

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But what’s the value-add for you – as a business executive or budding entrepreneur and your organisation? What do you; yes you, gain from ideating, developing and executing day and night for engaging content to create value for your audience? All we can say is; if you can consistently answer your prospect’s qualms, it is highly likely that they may become an actual convert. And what did you have to do? You just had to provide and package information in your head and share it as a value-add without selling any of your services directly.

marketing video

Essentially, you just had to be you, speaking your mind. And the more natural you get, the more authentic and beneficial in providing value to them you would seem. So, fret not if you don’t reap the benefits over night, because in the long run, your opinions would hold more value, and you’d be almost like a staple persona for such videos within your circle. Now, where can you start? We suggest that you start first by answering the 3 most common topics you and/or your prospect face. From there, you can weave in your insights on relevant topics such as industry trends and some methodologies they could consider.

Here’s an example of a simple, yet effective Thought Leadership Video example from our Managing Director, Ming Song; with an initiative he brands as Expert Series – raking up a whopping amount of views and engagement, so much so his content got onto LinkedIn’s trending hashtag and content list! Check it out below!


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