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Ever since we set our sails to be more streamlined, we have been looking at all the right places. We landed our first Engineering Client account, and ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to say it’s a giant – at least to our standards – Makino Asia Group. We were given the chance to produce a series of videos for them; ultimately for their corporate profile branding and launch event. For the purposes of this article, we’d like to elaborate on Makino Asia’s Corporate Video. But, let’s all hang on a minute – allow us to take it from the top.

First, the creative team – Calvin, Head of Creative and Marketing, and Elias, Content Writer – got their brains wracking for a solid concept. After much discussion, they decided to push the envelope; creating the concept to have a flash of grandeur and this would be achieved through slow-mo and cinematic shots – an unconventional approach for most corporate videos. Once the concept and script were locked down by the client, Ruyi, our in-house illustrator started by conceptualising a storyboard to visualise each scene, play-by-play, before actual production commenced.

The on-site team consisted of a 4-man team Ruyi as the Producer, Calvin as the Director, Elias as the Assistant Director, and Zhi Yi as the Camera Assistant, alongside the help of freelancers in the Camera and Electric & Grip Departments. The filming took place in their manufacturing plant and we were tasked with making use of the environment to fulfill our needs.

On the first day, we mostly focused on the ‘humanised’ scenes. This meant that our shots consisted mainly of showing the routines of the workers at Makino and how they work round the clock to ensure that operations run smoothly. We also showed how the workers interacted with the machines to show the ‘final touch’. Before we knew it, we managed to wrap up in a day with minimal errors.

The following day, we were tasked to portray the machinery in the manufacturing grounds and to integrate it into our shoot showing how it helps improve the lives of the people that have been in business with Makino. Throughout the day there were minor hiccups however that did not throw us off our game as we were more than determined to make this come alive. Eventually, after a grueling 12 hours, we managed to call it a day.

And as of the time this article is written, our Editor, Ella, is working hard on the shot sequencing, colour correction and sound design.

Overall, from this project, truly a unique experience was born. Given that it was the first time we were filming a video of this style, in a manufacturing plant, and using different machines and tools to get that ‘sweet spot’ angle, it opened our eyes. Furthermore, we created a rebranding video with a more cinematic style which we were uncomfortable with doing at first but we decided to explore and venture with it and the final product was indeed something to be proud of.



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