January 23



“One of our biggest milestones yet.”

As each day passes, consumers desire more customised experiences from retailers. As such, Shiseido Travel Retail is spearheading a transformation positioned to do exactly that. By marrying data platforms and marketing automation, they strive to enhance consumer engagement.

Teeming with enthusiasm, we kickstarted the project with various meetings and pre-production planning with all parties. Our Creative Director; Calvin, Executive Producer/Co-Founder; Ming Song, and Producer; Ruyi, worked hard on planning the ins-and-outs of the project. From scripting, to storyboarding and talents and props management they continued tirelessly, eager to make the beginning of the beginning work.

Next, came the actual shoot day. Calvin directed the set, Ruyi ran the project down the line,controlling the flow of the set, and Herman offered technical assistance as well as recording of Behind-The-Scenes footage. Everyone moved like clockwork and teamwork was an obvious enabler that made the recording a success. But our work was far from over.

Next came post-production. Working closely with our friends at SuperPixel, Team Mediashock helped to work on piecing and editing all the footage we gained. About a week was spent on colour-correction, audio levelling, 3D Animation, and the like.

At the end of the day, the collaborative effort and hard work down the line served as key points in making the entire project come alive, and we believe it can be seen in the final product.


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