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Your organisation is complex, your product; hard to explain, your service, “too niche”. 

We articulate your message and make it easy for you. How? By giving clarity to your audience about their brand and the value they can provide, then concocting an end-to-end solution with just the right mix of content and visuals.

If you’re looking to sharpen your image and influence minds, we’re in.

What we’re best at

We strive to hop on projects that mean a lot to you and add immense value to your brand. Like projects for...

Human Resource

Bring in the right people, at the right time.

And show them why people stay, grow and excel.

Solutions Marketing

Ditch age-old sales tactics.

Instead build brand loyalty and credibility with your target customers.


Build clear narratives that drive brand awareness whilst inspiring your audience.

hybrid events

Live stream solutions to convert your audience from passive observers to active participants.

featured clients

A video production house that succeeds with you

brands who appreciate our work


Michael Palmieri

Twist Media



Professor Mornin Feng

just need a proposal?

We believe accurate quotes are a balance of a shared vision.

Start with your clear objectives, and let us pave the best path for your project’s success.

You deserve a video that meets both your BUSINESS GOALS and AESTHETIC VISION

We understand the frustrations of your video underperforming in terms of ROIs and KPIs. We’re fully aware that it makes you and the organisation look less than what you’d like…

Delivering the right message to the right audience through the right channels is something everyone desires. What makes us different is that we understand YOU.

So whether it’s video production for a recruitment or marketing campaign, or a livestream for an event, let us help you be the reliable showrunner and brand leader that you are. Let us support you to deliver better work, produce better results and get you the recognition you deserve.

With Mediashock as your video production partner, we make everything possible.


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